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Slipcovers, Benches, & Headboards

We are so excited to introduce you to our new line of slipcovered furniture!
 Our new furniture line consists of  Short and Tall Slipcovered Headboards
Large and Small Slipcovered Benches. 
Each of these pieces come with a 100% Belgian Flax Linen slipcover that is completely machine washable & you have 4 colors to choose from so you are never stuck with one color palette!  
We offer Indigo, Natural, White, & Sea Glass. 
We also offer additional slipcovers sold separately. Buy a few and change it up often!
These linen furniture pieces work extremely well with our linen bedding collections. They create a homespun, casual, natural feeling but also a
completely tailored style as well. 
The slipcovers easily slip on and off of the furniture. They hang gently and straight. Linen is a extremely durable fiber and even wears wrinkles well. 
We also offer two different finishes for the headboards.  
This finish is called Double Stitch. 
This finished is referred to as Frayed Edge. 
The headboards slipcovers are fastened at the legs with small tabs of velcro. 
Create a whole new space for yourself!





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