Update Your Kitchen Linens for Spring!

Spring is arguably the most beautiful time of year. Everything is in bloom, the trees and grass are becoming greener everyday and the sunshine is out longer and longer!  For me this is the perfect time to freshen up my house with light colors and new linens. I love coordinating my place-settings with fresh flowers. Nothing adds better ambiance than beautiful flowers. 
Spring cleaning is a great time to take a look at all your kitchen towels and purge those older worn linens for fresh, clean new ones. 

Add a sprig of flowers in your napkin at brunch. Your guests will be enamored. 
Adding a bit of ruffles or embroidery gives an instant touch of whimsy and sophistication. Making even a basic breakfast nook feel like a special occasion. 
Natural linen & colors make for that simple barnhouse chic look that I love in many interior designer's homes. 
Keeping your colors subdued and natural makes your table feel earthy.
The lovely thing about using linen is that it's reusable and better for the environment. Many people don't realize that linen actually gets softer and softer the more you wash it. It's a very resilient textile. Perfect for the table. 
Lastly when in doubt add fruit! So many stylists will tell you that adding a bowl of fresh fruit to your table or kitchen adds instant life!  I love a pretty bowl of fruit against a crisp white table runner. 
Good Luck with your Spring Cleaning! :) 
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Valentine Gift Guide!

Pretty pink pillows in every size!


Charlie Pillow Sham


Beautifully intricate floral lace tablecloth, perfect for a romantic dinner!

Caprice Tablecloth

Sweet ruffled napkins make your table perfectly pretty

Charlie Napkins in White or Pink!


Wrap something Rosy around her neck!

Brooklyn Scarf in Pink -  Two-Toned Scarf in Sand/Burgundy - Lightweight Frayed Scarf in Light Rose



Possibly the softest throw you'll ever snuggle with! 

Cream Pink Pom Pom throw - Gold Dot Decorative Pillow with Tassels


Drape your home in the loveliest of hue!

Smocked Pink Curtain

Want even more gift ideas?! See our full Valentine Gift list here!


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Get the Look!

Hand Blocked Pillows Have Arrived!

Look #1 Indigo & Silver Pillows with a Silver Eva Throw
All of our hand blocked pillows are made using a century old 
Indian art form called hand blocked printing.
Look #2 Gold Pillows with a Natural Montauk Throw
Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye and stamped
by hand on to the cotton fabric.
Our hand blocked pillows come in 4 different sizes and three colors;
Silver, Gold & Indigo.

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New Product Sneak Peek!

Hand Blocked Pillows

We are so excited to give you a sneak peak of our beautiful hand blocked pillow collection available for purchase on our website mid January 2017!
All of our hand blocked pillows are made using a century
old Indian art form called hand block printing.
 Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye and stamped by
hand onto the cotton fabric. 
Most of the hand blocked pillows feature small cotton tassels wrapped in either gold or silver threading adding just a pop of whimsy.
Featuring deep indigo, bold blue hues, and gorgeous gold & silver metallics. These pillows add exotic and adventurous layers to your bedroom or living room. 
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Jennifer from Decor Gold is at it again with a beautifully designed bedroom make-over utilizing many pieces from several of our bedding collections to create one stunning room.  We've listed all the items below for you to create your own amazing bedroom makeover! :)  



Thank you Jennifer at Decor Gold for including us in your One Room Challenge!  
We look forward to seeing more of your projects in the future!


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