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Size Chart & Care Instructions



Care Instructions may vary by product. Please double check all care labels on your product for specific care instructions. 

General Care Instructions:

Machine Wash Cold, Delicate

Use very gentle soap, free of perfumes and dyes, 

We recommend a softening agent, especially for darker colors.

Tumble Dry Low

Embroidered, large knits, and lace fabrics should be washed inside of mesh bag to avoid snagging

Bleaching Chlorine bleach can weaken fibers and cause them to yellow. If white fabrics need bleaching, use an oxygen-based bleach.

Never store dirty linen, because it will attract mildew. If mildew has formed on your linen items, soak in a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide and water before washing. If you wrap your linen, avoid using plastic bags and opt for cloth bags instead. Also, avoid cardboard boxes and cedar chest

Ironing Linen does not require any ironing if hanged or laid flat when still damp.  If you choose to iron, do so when linen is still slightly damp or use steam setting.

Dry Cleaning Avoid dry cleaning 100% linen





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