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Our Rental Home Renovation!

This Summer, my husband, Reza, and I decided to take on the giant task of flipping a home we purchased here in L.A. (on a whim!) to turn it into a rental house.
My son and his new wife had actually been house hunting and put an offer on this home and one other. Amazingly both offers were accepted. They chose not to go with this one but because the house was such a great deal (it needed A LOT of work), Reza and I decided to jump on it and buy it ourselves. 
Over the course of 2 months, Reza and a small crew of 5 transformed the home inside and out...

The home was built in 1951.  It features orange shag carpeting, a brick fireplace, and enough wood paneling to create a bonfire the size of Texas.  The main floor is divided into 3 levels, each divided by one small sloping carpeted step. 

 The original owner of the home was a Welder/Iron Smith. We found that most of the hardware, brackets, and door fixtures were handmade by him often in funny shapes or with various initials on them, most likely those of his children and family.  We actually kept almost all of his original metal work including this interesting chandelier in the dining room.



Overall, the entire process was pretty enjoyable except for perhaps the electrical and plumbing components.  Most of our inspiration was found from the many open houses we visit on the weekends and from a few of our friends' homes.  The home is currently occupied by a young family and I think after all is said and done, we would do it again! 



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